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Dayton Truck Accident Attorney

At the Brannon Law Firm, our Dayton truck accident attorneys have aggressively represented the victims of truck accidents who have suffered devastating injuries, such as paralysis, brain damage and wrongful death. Many people think of truck accidents as simply car accidents with much larger vehicles, but the laws governing trucks are much different and can be very complex. Understanding the finer details of commercial motor vehicle law is essential in representing victims of… Read Article →

San Diego Truck Accident Attorney

Semi trucks and 18-wheelers are large, powerful machines that are used for the transportation of heavy, bulky loads. Although they are important for commercial shipping, these vehicles are also a danger to other motorists and can be a cause of devastating accidents. Frustratingly, all other drivers may be at risk of accidents with 18-wheelers if the driver of the truck, the company in charge of the vehicle, or the manufacturer… Read Article →